The Influences of Celebrity Fashion and Luxury

By | April 7, 2021

In this article I want to explain how the ever increasing consumerism of fashion affects the eye fashion industry. The ever growing popularity of celebrities, models and entertainers is feeding a hungry market of people who want to look like them at all times. Fashion & luxury magazines are feeding the frenzy of celebrity worship with articles extolling the latest fashion creations of each respective star and their personal style. Websites are popping up all over the internet, which only serves to reinforce the phenomenon of celebrity cults even further.

Nowadays it seems that most celebrities have a double life. While they are busy photographing for magazines and running around the world as famous celebrities, they are also out and about as ordinary persons going about their daily business of dating and meeting new people. This makes it difficult for many of us to keep up with what celebrities are wearing on a daily basis, but that does not mean that the public dictates what is fashionable to wear or what to buy for yourself. As a matter of fact it is the very opposite!

Just because a celebrity is on television or off television, that does not make their fashion statements acceptable to the masses. Eyesight fashion & luxury for the average person is dictated by the decisions that we make regarding what is considered fashionable. A celebrity can look great on the runway but that does not mean that the same techniques will translate into success for that model when it comes to achieving the same eye appealing look on the runway.

So how do we keep up with the ever changing face of celebrity culture? We must adopt a similar strategy for keeping up with the changing face of fashion. Celebrity magazines will always try to portray the newest fashion trends in order to keep the reader’s attention, but it is the average person that dictates what is stylish. It is the decisions of the everyday consumer that will determine whether or not the latest celebrity fashion statement will be embraced by the masses.

A few years ago, Tyra Banks was criticized for her choice of clothing. Media outlets were upset with her choice of clothing and labeled it as inappropriate for a children’s show. Tyra chose not to wear that particular clothing because it was deemed to be too “girly” for her personality. The problem is that if it is deemed to be too girly, then it is for everyone!

Keeping up with celebrity fashion trends is not only about following the latest eye lure but it is also about the choices that you make in your own wardrobe. Some may say that it is about being fashionable, but fashion should actually have practical value. The choices that are made in our everyday lives, such as what type of hair accessories to wear, or what color of eye shadow to wear can have a direct impact on our vision. By choosing the right colors and the right cosmetics, we can improve our vision. Choosing the right eye makeup will also play a role, as it will either enhance or detract from our vision.

Celebrity fashion often times has the biggest influence on what our eyes see as well as what we feel. As we look at stars such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez, they present the perfect image to project. These ladies all use the perfect makeup and clothing to help them look gorgeous. It is those same elements that we can apply to ourselves to help us improve our own fashion sense.

Keeping up with celebrity fashion & luxury can not only help us keep up with the Joneses, but also help us develop a sense of confidence. We may never fully understand the mind of a Paris Hilton, but we do understand the struggles of these ladies to keep their looks updated & current. Fashion & luxury can also affect our own sense of self worth. If we are confident in our appearance then we will feel better about ourselves. Not to mention how much better we will feel when we can see well, or be around someone who can see well!