The Best in Luxury Fashion Brands in the Philippines

By | January 19, 2021

With the recent announcement of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) for tourism, one of the proposed sources of income for the government is the luxury fashion brands. Most likely, this will be a component of the fund that will be used to increase infrastructure for the tourism industry. Indeed, with tourism being a very important source of revenue for the Philippines, it is only natural that the government is putting its money where its mouth is and inviting luxury fashion brands to the country.

However, before welcoming these global brands to the Philippines, we need to take note of the growing competition in the country. As you may already know, there are already a lot of established and budding fashion brands that have their own showrooms in the country. In fact, a quick visit to Manila’s Fashion City is enough to confirm that the Philippines is not far away from the rest of the fashion world.

Aside from established brands, there are also local ones. These fashion boutiques usually target the Filipino consumers and are dedicated to providing the best quality and most affordable fashion items for the Filipino market. They offer a wide selection of fashion apparel, handbags and accessories. What’s great about local brands is that they are also inspired by the latest fashion trends and are more likely to offer fashion-related products that are somehow unique and of their own making.

Although the government has promoted the growth of luxury fashion brands in the Philippines, this is not the same for the private sector. A lot of brands have limited distribution in the country and they are mostly imported from other countries. This means that the quality of their products may be a bit lacking compared to those of US and European countries. It is still a good thing though because Philippine fashion is still relatively new compared to the rest of the world. For now, there is still a lot of time to perfect the country’s fashion industry. As such, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to find the best brands and offer them your own clothing line.

Aside from foreign brands, there are also local ones you can consider. One of the best brands in the Philippines that offers the most variety is Prada. They offer classic designs with traditional elements from various eras. Aside from their elegant and classy designs, another advantage to get a pair of Prada sunglasses is that they are available at a very affordable price that makes them a practical choice whether for work or for leisure.

If you want a slightly cheaper alternative, you can try Mephisto. This brand only offers designs that are slightly classier but are still as high-class and fashionable as the rest. Mephisto also offers great styles for both men and women. Their sunglasses range from classic styles to modern ones and each has a unique and distinguishing feature that sets them apart from the rest.

Another one of the best Philippine fashion brands is Dior. They offer timeless classics but also designs that will suit and flatter anyone. Their sunglasses range from frames that have oversized prisms for an edgier look, frames with smaller prisms for a softer image, frames with oval shapes for a more unique look, and they even offer frames with squared corners for a more unique style. You can choose a design based on your face shape or based on your preferences.

Some other popular brands include Versace, which offers a mix of different products that can transform anyone. Their sunglasses range from classic, sleek designs to ultra-modern styles. Versace is known for having colors that blend with their clothes to give an overall classy and upscale look. Acuvue is also another brand that offers a wide selection of products in sunglasses. Acuvue is known for having colors that match their clothes and are not too flashy.