Managing the Fashion and Luxury Sectors in Business

Managing the Fashion and Luxury Sectors in Business Managing fashion and luxury sectors has always been a tricky task, especially as recession sets in. But things are looking brighter now with the government’s stimulus plan. Hence, fashion and luxury companies have a lot to look forward to, especially since this will be a turning point… Read More »

A List of All Luxury Fashion Brands

A List of All Luxury Fashion Brands For any buyer, looking for a list of all luxury fashion brands is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In economics, a luxury commodity is one which is purchased because of its potential to increase in value, rather than its immediate needs. In the fashion world,… Read More »

Boccioni Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies

The head of Boccio Coscarelli is credited as one of the true fashion visionaries of modern times. Having started his career in design at RCA Modeling Agency, he went on to become the soprano fashion designer for top-selling daytime soap opera “Romantically Challenged.” He has since established his own successful clothing ventures in both fashion… Read More »

The Best in Luxury Fashion Brands in the Philippines

With the recent announcement of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) for tourism, one of the proposed sources of income for the government is the luxury fashion brands. Most likely, this will be a component of the fund that will be used to increase infrastructure for the tourism industry. Indeed, with tourism being a very important… Read More »

How to Market Your Fashion Luxury Brand

What does it take to get your fashion brand noticed? A great fashion luxury logo design will capture attention, communicate your brand, and create a lasting impression on your potential customers? To help you grow your business and create long term success, we provide you with professional services in the areas of logo design, letterhead… Read More »

Affordable Luxury Fashion Brands

Accessible luxury fashion brands like Hinduah and G R has always been a favorite of Indian women. A glance at their product line, the quality is impeccable. Their exclusive collection of garments and accessories for women showcase the exquisite craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Indian garment making. This is not all. The pricing of… Read More »

Buying Luxury Fashion Brands on the Internet

If you are a fan of luxury fashion brands, you probably visit their websites at least once in a while. However, you may also want to visit these luxury fashion brands’ official sites one-by-one if they have more than one. You can get some very helpful tips on how you can find the information you… Read More »