Luxury Fashion Brand in Malaysia

By | February 26, 2021

luxury fashion brand in malaysia

Luxury Fashion Brand in Malaysia

Malaysia, a small independent country is well known for its luxury fashion brands. From local designers to global fashion labels, the country has become a hub for global fashion. As a major tourist and export market, it is an attractive place for many international fashion houses to showcase their products and services. Besides, this country boasts of a wide range of luxury items that include branded shoes, handbags, watches, jewelries, cosmetics, garments and a lot more.

A decade ago, the country was a small tourist destination for many international fashion brands. However, they started shifting their manufacturing base to Asia after the turn of millennium. In order to attract more visitors and shoppers from across the globe, luxury brands started investing a huge amount in Malaysia. Now, it has turned into one of the most lucrative destinations for designer clothing manufacturing companies.

There are many reasons behind the development of this country as a fashion destination. The first being that the country has a superb tropical weather that is great for tourists. This is the reason why many tourists from all over the world come here during their holiday breaks. The tropical climate along with rich cultural heritage makes this place a perfect place for designers to showcase their latest designs and innovations.

In addition, this country boasts of a rich collection of ethnic wear. Most renowned fashion brands have their factory based in Malaysia. Moreover, this country is home to a large number of artists and craftsmen who are passionate about designing clothes. These artists and craftsmen are known for their unique designs and creativity. They also provide tourists with a wide selection of garments.

Apart, from offering its tourists a wide range of fashion items, the country also promotes the creation of new innovative products. It has been successful in this endeavor by creating an online fashion boutique for its luxury clients. This boutique allows its customers to design and create their own collection of luxury items. From footwear to jewelry, jewelries to sunglasses, these designer brands have an impressive collection of apparel for men, women and children.

With a strong belief in promoting the art of traditional handicrafts and products, this brand promotes a lot of local and ethnic fashion products. These include traditional rugs, footwear, traditional jewelry, leather goods, brass wares and fabrics. Besides, it also sells a wide range of natural and organic skin care products, handbags and other accessories. Its line of fragrances incorporates several oriental and local ingredients including wormwood, jasmine oil, sandalwood and wood extracts from plants like bearberry, kuma-zasa and back. The brand’s perfumes are designed using traditional floral fragrances and aroma therapy.

This luxury fashion brand also makes use of natural and organic beauty products in its products. These include pure and organic cosmetics, body lotions, hair care products, body scrubs, soaps and shampoos. Its accessories are made from natural elements, wood and metal. In Malaysia, this brand is known as Freshlook.

Another luxury fashion brand is Mulberry. It was established in 1998 by the late entrepreneur Lim Chin Siong. It is located in Sungai Ratchaburi area of the country. Mulberry is a luxury fashion brand known for its oriental and traditional handcrafted ethnic bags, bridal accessories, clothing and jewelry. It uses hardwood from long ago trees to make its products. It also believes that each item must be considered as a unique work of art.

Another luxury fashion brand is Habitat. This brand was founded in 1985 by Mr. Chee Eavaras. It is popular for its furniture, outdoor furniture and accessories. It is known for its eco-friendly initiatives. It also recycles, where it uses used furniture and appliances like foldaway chairs and tables.

In addition, there are other luxury brands that manufacture designer sunglasses, watches, clothing, shoes, bags and cosmetics in Malaysia. A major section of this luxury fashion brand in Malaysia is housed in Putra Vista City. Apart from these products, this luxury brand has also launched a restaurant. A major product of this luxury fashion brand is Bali sunglasses, which is a great brand name for a sunglasses brand in Malaysia.

These are just a few names that represent luxury fashion brands in Malaysia. There are many more luxury fashion brands that are available in Malaysia and they cater to all kinds of consumers. These include young professionals who want designer sunglasses, while others are into the urban wear style. A major part of the luxury fashion market in Malaysia is represented by brands like Prada, Dior, D&G, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and so forth.