India’s Luxury Fashion Brands

By | March 19, 2021

luxury fashion brands in india

India’s Luxury Fashion Brands

India is a leading consumer nation when it comes to luxury fashion brands. It is the biggest exporter of designer wears to other parts of the world. With over three hundred and sixty registered fashion houses and brands, India has a huge potential to attract global tourists and business visitors. And this is possible only because of the immense scope of luxury fashion in India.

Indian fashion industry is growing at breakneck speed due to ever-rising globalization and liberalization. In fact, Indian Fashion Week, which is held every March, has become one of the most sought after international events of the year. The event brings together leading Indian fashion designers, textile experts and other stakeholders to share their ideas and experiments on fashion and culture. The showcase of Indian fashion brands in India includes everything from haute couture to paisley, silk, leather and others.

But despite all these, Indian fashion industry is lagging behind when compared to the likes of French, Chinese or Japanese fashion industries. The reason behind this is simple – Indian wholesale clothing manufacturers lag behind in terms of technology and investment. But this is also a benefit as Indian wholesale clothes are very cheap, unique and have excellent quality.

Well, what can one do about this? For starters, Indian fashion industry is still developing and growing. It is possible only if fashion houses to take care of quality improvement, research new product niches and keep abreast of international trends. Moreover, Indian fashion brands also need to adopt innovative marketing strategies such as social media marketing, fashion marketing competitions, etc. This will help them get closer to global buyers and keep the competition going.

So, is it possible for Indian brands to rise to the level of international brands? In fact, yes! There are several factors that have contributed to this. Some of them are:

A good example is Bollywood. The biggest name in the fashion industry has largely remained in-house. They have also invested heavily on their marketing strategy and publicity. Besides, even though actors and actresses are now doing fashion shoots outside the country, they also make time to practice new looks and styles on the red carpet at the world famous Fashion Week.

Apart from Bollywood and other top names, there are also other luxury brands that are based mostly in India. These include Haze, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace. However, the in-house tag does not guarantee that they are any more, better than those brands available outside the country.

In fact, it may be the other way round as well. Some top luxury brands like H&M, Chanel and Prada have manufacturing units in other countries. This has been happening for a long time. Therefore, it is not necessary that only luxury fashion brands remain in-house. As the fashion industry evolves globally, some of them may need to expand their horizons to reach a bigger market share.

One such example is Prada. The designer was established back in 1913 by Mario Prada, who also started his own jewelry label. Today, Prada manufactures both dress and handbags and has two main distribution outlets in China, one in Shanghai and the other in Hong Kong. It is also said that Prada had to expand its distribution network due to high demand in Asia.

In spite of having a global perspective, Indian brands like DKNY and Calvin Klein too are placing greater emphasis on in-house production. Both of them are known for their cutting edge designs and their classic styles. This is also true for H&M, which has also emerged as one of the leading fashion houses in the last few decades. Earlier, he was known mainly for its casual clothing. However, with increasing consumer demand for stylish clothes, the company is gearing up to cater to the exclusive segment of customers.

Lakhs of designers are trying their level best to establish their own niche in the world of luxury fashion. Some of the biggest names in the industry like Gautam, Subodh, Prabhas, and many others have come up with their own ranges that offer something unique to the customers. Though, most of these brands are based in the major cities of India, like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, there are some luxury brands that have established their brands in all the major cities of the country. Bags, shoes, fragrances, lingerie, jewelry, accessories, and all other luxury items continue to grow in popularity in India, especially amongst the elite section of the Indian society.

As an emerging market, Indian fashion industry is also progressing rapidly. Even small players are taking advantage of this situation and entering the league. An Indian fashion house can either be an in-house brand or it can be a part of a big franchise operation. Although, franchising has made a lot of business waves already, the future for luxury fashion brands in India still looks bright. Luxury brands can continue doing what they do best – making great fashion clothing and accessories. However, franchising might pave their way to bigger recognition and success in the near future.