High Street Fashion – Choosing and Wearing Nova Luxury Handbags

By | March 4, 2021

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High Street Fashion – Choosing and Wearing Nova Luxury Handbags

The brand that made a name for itself with its Vero Titanium range has recently created a whole new range of fashion items inspired by the Roman Empire. This contemporary line combines high-end style with superior quality and, of course, Roman heritage. It’s all about the details. With a choice of over fifty different pieces in total, there’s something for everyone here.

So, why so many high-profile designers are looking to team up with the likes of Virginie Masse? It might just have something to do with the spectacular results of the collaboration. The whole city of Venice was an important cultural hub during ancient times and, as such, is a place where many famous works of art were created. Many of these are now long gone, but they do leave some amazing legacies. Indeed, the Vitruvian Man is one of the most famous pieces from this period, and Virginie Masse certainly knows her stuff when it comes to producing some stunning results.

This impressive group have taken some of these designs and turned them into works of fine luxury. Some pieces in particular have been designed to evoke themes from luxury to modern pop. These include the ‘Symphony of Elegance’ cloak from Delphine, which dates back almost two centuries, and features intricate textile work and gold scroll work. Next up is the ‘Roman Box Mail’, an elegant piece made of silver with a curved shape.

Both Delphine androgen are available in limited quantities, with limited options on purchase. Of course, this is down to the nature of these pieces. Delphine, for example, is designed in a large oval and the smaller ‘Roman Box Mail’ measures a fraction of the size. But it makes up for its size with an intricate floral pattern and superb craftsmanship.

The ‘Stratiform’ cloak is designed in a similar style, but it is more compact and includes a number of other smaller pieces. This is certainly more ‘hands on’ and Delphine on the other hand would probably be more appropriate for those looking for something with a more utilitarian function. However, both pieces look great, and many customers have declared that they look best as throw away items.

The ‘Galla’ bag is a charming bag from the line and comes in a range of colours. It features a quilted pattern that runs the full length of the bag, and to some customers, gives the feeling that it has been hand crafted. It also has an unusual side opening, which is likely to appeal to fashionistas who prefer their bags to be closed.

The ‘Galla’ bag can easily be stored away, making it ideal for the person on the go. The interior of the bag features a fold out leaf to prop it open, and the straps and buckles are padded for added security. It is a design that clearly follows the recent trend of making luxury items as lightweight and easy to carry as possible. Indeed, this is another item that would be well suited to someone going on a holiday, where it might otherwise be difficult to keep their bag under control.

As with most high street fashion brands, fashion Nova luxury doesn’t have a whole lot of celebrity presence. However, that should not mean that it is unable to manufacture quality handbags, and a number of its products do appear on celebrities’ fashion labels. A look through the luxury fashion catalogue would show you the range of bags that Nova has produced, including some particularly striking designs. These include some unusual choices such as leather and suede crocodile handbag, designed by the famous French designer Gautier.