Fad Institutes of Fashion and Design

By | March 21, 2021

The FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design is one of the institutes that have created a niche for itself in the field of fashion design. This is the main reason that Mumbai has a great flair when it comes to this area. This university was started in 1994 by FAD founder Subir Malik. His idea behind setting up this institute was to provide a world-class fashion training to young students from various backgrounds in Mumbai. In this regard, he made sure that all the faculty that teaching at the institute are all professionals in their respective fields of interest.

Since then, the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design has grown into one of the largest luxury training and design schools in the country. The scope of teaching offered by the institute can never be undermined. From hair styling and fashion to accessory and jewelries designing; everything is covered under the curriculum. The different branches that are taught in this fashion school include fashion marketing, fashion communications, fashion development, fashion design, and the history of fashion. All these branches bring out the talent and creativity in the students.

Besides teaching students the art of fashion design, they also train the students on various other subjects. After completing their education in the school, the students have to take examinations to check if they have cleared all their basic and advanced courses. If the students have passed the exams and get a degree, then they will be given a license to practice. There are various different fashion designers who have gained a lot of experience after training in the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design in Mumbai. These designers are provided with excellent training in the different aspects of designing jewelry, accessories, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and various other things.

The main campus of the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design is located in the Central Mumbai area. The other campuses are located in the North, Western, Harbor, Azad Maidanshahi, Gramadeto, Bhiring, Borivali, Malabar Hill, Navi Mumbai, and Borivali Beach. This institute not only provides training but also allows its students to work as fashion designers. Students can opt for different areas, such as jewelry, handbags, accessories, and shoes, among others. The main aim of the FAD Institute of Fashion and Design is to teach its students how to create unique and exclusive designs, both in jewelry and clothes.

There are several benefits of enrolling at the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style. The first advantage is that all the trainees who are interested in fashion design get to work with the world famous designers. In fact, once the trainees reach the age limit of twenty, they are eligible for a one year internship in the renowned fashion houses, to polish their skills. After this one-year internship, the students are allowed to gain experience and to work in the fashion industry as well.

Another important advantage that is provided by the FAD Institutes of Fashion and Design is that it arranges for classes and programs at both the residential and campus based schools. This way, the students learn from the best when they attend these classes. Since the institute has both classroom and online learning facilities, they provide their students with the convenience of learning at their own pace. Students learn their designing techniques through their online course work and through a combination of theoretical lessons and practical work, they learn to create their own designs. The curriculum of the FAD Institute of Fashion and Design Mumbai includes lectures on the history of fashion and design, different types of materials used in designing, the various design principles, colors, textures, and designs of jewelry and shoes. Other subjects that are taught include color coordination, fabric structure and care, sketching, multi-textile fabrics, and fashion engineering.

The online education facility offered at the FAD Institute of Fashion and Design, Mumbai also helps the students in saving both time and money that they would have spent on traveling to class in a traditional classroom. They also save on the cost of boarding and lodging that they would have had to incur if they had attended classes in a traditional fashion school. The online fashion classes offered by this institute also help the students learn about the various aspects of tailoring and sewing, which is extremely beneficial if they wish to start their own fashion line of their own. In addition to all this, the online education facility at the FAD Institute of Fashion and Design Mumbai also enables the students to access the online forum and other information, which are not available to students in normal fashion school settings.

The other important aspect that one must keep in mind when choosing these fashion institutes is that they should be accredited by reputed organizations such as IFA, AIEEE, IFW, or FIPL. Students will have to pay slightly higher fees when opting for online courses, but that is a small price to pay when one gets to learn from the best in the business. These fashion institutes ensure that they give equal attention to all categories of the fashion world and thus provide an equal opportunity to the students to learn everything that they could possibly learn from the fashion world. Hence, it is important that you choose one of the best FAD Institutes of Fashion and Design in Mumbai that can give you the maximum advantage when starting your career in the fashion world.