Fad Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design

By | February 20, 2021

The FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & style is an offshoot of the renowned Fashion Institute of America (FIA). The two joined forces in 1990. Since then, the institute has grown to be the most sought after institute of luxury fashion & fashion in the United States. The main aim of this educational establishment is to inculcate in young minds in the art of style, function and creativity in the field of fashion. As far as this is concerned, the various students are taught a variety of subjects that include marketing theory, entrepreneurship, design theory, colour theory, merchandising, human resource management, couture analysis, accessories making, tailoring, haute couture, fashion development, graphic design, bookkeeping, cost accounting and many more.

Besides imparting knowledge in the above mentioned subjects, the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion invites students to explore the world of couture. Students are also exposed to the other elements of luxury fashion through specialised internships. These opportunities give the students an insight into the various brands and designer wear. In addition to this, the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & style conducts short courses and master programmes on topics such as colour coordination, colour matching, colour interpretation, texture grouping, cut and flow, trend spotting and much more. In these programmes, the students get to learn about fabrics, weaving techniques, handcrafts and how to optimise products using cutting edge technology.

The school offers a wide array of subjects, each focusing on a different aspect of luxury fashion. Students get to learn about different aspects of dressmaking such as material, cut, shape and proportion. Fashion design focuses on the creative aspects of fashion development from conceptualization to execution. Fashion merchandising teaches the art of selling – from designing the marketing materials to the actual selling process. Accessories manufacturing and tailoring gives the students the ability to manufacture, cut, sew and care for the products made by the school.

The FAD Institute of Fashion and Design also provides classes that combine practical with theoretical learning. The Learning Centre offers both studio hours and one-to-one teaching. It is also home to a number of workshops and seminars that enable students to apply different concepts into their work. These include fashion weeks, fashion shows, photo shoots, home parties, fashion weeks and much more.

With its focus on cutting edge technology, the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design ensures that the students understand the latest trends in the luxury fashion industry. This is achieved through online research and constant research and development. The school has a library with over three thousand books on different topics in the fashion industry. The library is constantly updating its collection. The school also organises cultural events, exhibitions and recitals on different aspects of the fashion industry. This enables the students to develop skills and knowledge of the fashion industry.

The school also offers courses in areas such as business and management. This helps in developing leadership qualities and other management-related skills. The courses offered also provide the students an opportunity to attend conferences and seminars in areas such as media and marketing, human resource development and design. All the courses offered are taught by world-renowned professionals who have years of experience in luxury fashion.

There are many benefits that come with attending the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design. One of the best parts is that all the credits are done online. Students do not have to worry about attending class at any particular time. They can learn at their own pace in their own homes. Also, there are no schedules to keep, no need to follow a strict set of rules and no dress codes.

There are different areas of study available at the FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Design. If you want to be a designer, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion. If you want to be an editor, you can get a master’s degree. Those who want to be designers can take specialization classes such as women’s wear, men’s wear and couture. They will also get to apply their learning while they are living the luxury fashion lifestyle by participating in internship and student programs sponsored by the school.