European Design Trends From Top Designers

By | February 2, 2021

fashion branding and communication core strategies of european luxury brands

European Design Trends From Top Designers

This second volume in the prestigious Palgrave Studies in Practice series focusing on global fashion management focuses on core strategies of marketing and branding of luxury brands. Brand is an essential asset that all firms strive to established, develop, and retain. As a brand transcends individual organizations it becomes a pivotal determinant of quality, image, and sales. It is also a significant marketing and branding tool for top business corporations. As an effective marketing tool, the brand must be clear, consistent, and memorable.

Strategies in this volume examine core marketing strategies utilized by luxury brands across industries, product types, and target markets. The book examines some of the most powerful marketing tools – logos, designs, fonts, and slogans. It explores the different ways that luxury brands use these tools to increase their market share. The book then describes the strategic processes used to build and evaluate luxury brand strategies. The final chapter analyzes four marketing components, namely brand image, distribution, product portfolio, and advertising and promotions techniques.

Logo design is the single most important element of luxury brand identity. Logo design is the visual face of a company or brand. It is the visual representation of the essence of a brand, its values, and its unique history. In developing a logo design, the luxury brands must first sketch down the brand concept and then decide on the specific visual image that best represents the essence of the brand.

For luxury brands, a logo is not only a visual aid but also a powerful marketing tool. Logos, designed by renowned designers, can help in building a brand image because they create a visual memory of the products and services the brand offers. The key is to choose a design that best expresses the essence of the brand. A logo conveys the luxury brand’s unique style, heritage, mission, ethos, values, and attitude.

Communication strategies form the next core strategy of European luxury brands. The media has become an integral part of the life of today’s consumer. Consumers rely on the media for information about new products, discounts, promos, and news about discounts, new arrivals, and product launches.

The luxury brands must create a long lasting impression through effective communication. The most common forms of communication are the television, radio, print, and internet. They can promote their brand and messages by using these media. By participating in television shows, radio programs, and print magazines, luxury brands send clear messages about their products and values.

The last strategy includes creating a corporate identity. Corporate identities are the visual brand representation of a company. They represent the values, history, and future of a brand. They are designed to create a visual representation of the brand that can be easily remembered, recognised, and used as a reference. Corporate identities include logos, domain names, letterheads, slogans, business card images, business cards, colour schemes, brochures, and more.

To make a long lasting impression on consumers, luxury brands need to design a stylish and elegant brand image. Fashion is becoming an important and influential factor in the brand image development of brands. Creating an attractive and eye-catching fashion display with a unique and eye-grabbing style will help the luxury brands communicate their values, build an image, and promote their brand.

There are many elements that should be considered in fashion marketing. A unique fashion catalogue will communicate brand messages clearly to customers, which will improve brand image, and ultimately result in higher sales. Luxury brands spend millions on advertising, and marketing, in order to create an image for their fashion lines and to spread their message.

Luxury brands like Dior, Fath and Burberry rely on high-end advertisements, magazines, and films to increase consumer awareness of their fashion lines. High profile fashion shows are used to communicate the latest fashion trends and to increase consumer awareness of new releases. Film stars and celebrities are often invited to speak at fashion shows to promote their latest fashion lines. Fashion marketing also involves participating in fashion shows and advertisements. Luxury brands use fashion magazines to print information on new fashion trends and to publish fashion tips and ideas.

Luxury brand messages need to resonate with consumers. Consumers of luxury items want to feel special, and they also expect a great deal from their money. Consumers will reward a brand if they perceive the brand to have created an emotional connection with them. The brand needs to work within the budget available to create an emotional connection with consumers. The brand can be successful if it draws consumers into its world without overwhelming them with images.