Aims And Purposes Of Luxury MBA Program

By | January 9, 2021

Fashion & Luxury MBA: The fast-paced world of fashion & luxury business has an impact on the lives of millions. Since fashion trends are not static, the entire scenario of fashion is highly dynamic and unpredictable. As a result, the entire fashion world is constantly in search of excellent graduates to keep pace with the ever-changing trends & tastes. Fashion & Luxury MBA gives the students a thorough knowledge of this exciting world and helps them to carve a niche in this extremely competitive field.

A major portion of the college is dedicated to teaching the students about the fashion industry. Students learn many important concepts, such as marketing, entrepreneurship, & fashion distribution. They also get to work closely with fashion designers, from conceptualization to the final stage of production. Apart from all this, students are taught how to manage various resources effectively, including the budget, supplier networks, & supplier relationships.

One of the most popular categories in the curriculum of fashion schools is Retail Management. This course aims at inculcating the necessary skills required for running and managing luxury boutiques. Retailers must deal with both small and large customers. It is very important to keep track of the changing trends in the market, & fashion market is constantly evolving.

The next category in the study of fashion business schools is Hospitality Management. In this course, the students get trained on the different aspects of hospitality business, such as restaurant management, hotel sales, restaurant design, & restaurant marketing. Hospitality Marketing deals with advertising the service or product. Restaurant owners depend a lot on this aspect, as they are able to attract customers to their restaurants by using fashion in their advertising.

Hospitality Business, is also related to customer service, & Fashion Marketing. In fact, Hotel & Luxury MBA has great demand among the students of Hotel Management, Hotel Design, & Luxury Hotel Business. There are many advantages of getting trained in Hotel & Luxury MBA. The course helps students understand the importance of fashion in today’s world.

An important area in which Hotel & Luxury MBA students learn is Hospitality Marketing. The students get trained on different aspects of Hospitality Management like brand promotion, event planning, hotel operations, & hotel customer services. Marketing is a major part of each and every business, & Luxury MBA provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of how to market & promote their brand. Hotel & Luxury MBA also helps the students to understand the needs of the hotel industry in the global market.

Fashion merchandising is another area which is understood very well by students of Hotel & Luxury MBA program. They learn about different types of fashion merchandising like women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories, cosmetics, watches, handbags, jewelry, fashion design, fashion marketing, & Luxury Branding. The importance of fashion merchandising in the modern corporate world can hardly be over emphasized. In fact, there are many top brands which are directly associated or trace their roots to a college or a university that offers a fashion MBA program.

The third area which is largely learned during the course of Hotel & Luxury MBA program is Hospitality Finance. This includes areas like accounting, cost control, business financing, & Strategic Sourcing. These skills are of great use for those who wish to enter the hospitality industry as Managers or Consultants or even as Fashion Consultants. The students get an in-depth knowledge of the financial side of the hospitality sector by learning the basics of Hospitality Finance.

An interesting section which gets a lot of attention from students is the topics of International Business Relations and Fashion Management. These two important topics give the basic understanding of how we promote our brands in the global market. We also get to know the strategies that are adopted to create such a buzz in the market. Apart from that, it helps the students to understand the nuances of selling in the world of fashion. What works in one culture might not work in another. The topics like these help to understand the entire concept of global fashion and how it is marketed in the world of Hotel & Luxury MBA program.

The most important subject which requires understanding in order to execute their ideas is International Marketing. This includes concepts like advertising, branding, distribution, promotion, & Branding & Merchandising. International Business Relations is very important to understand how various industries interact with each other. Similarly, the students have to learn the ins & outs of distribution to understand the impact on the market price. Branding is all about creating a set of brand image in order to promote your products/services in the market.

An important aspect of the MBA course curriculum is the management of global brands. They teach the concepts like strategic planning, financial plan making, long term investment, short term financing, & forecasting the market trend etc. Luxury real estate business is one such industry, which has opened up huge opportunities for the people. Thus, an MBA in Luxury Real Estate is ideal for those who want to establish a global business empire. This is the best platform to develop the skills & knowledge required for leading luxury real estate’s businesses in the future.