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A Guide For Designers And Luxury Brand Management In Canada

The fashion and luxury brand management in Canada is a booming industry. Canadian fashion companies such as Burberry, D&G, Milliner, Mulberry, and Chopard are dominating the fashion and luxury sector. This is in part due to the fact that Canadian consumers have become much more demanding of fine clothing. Canadian fashion and luxury brands command… Read More »

The Ins And Outs Of Fashion And Luxury Management

If you are interested in the fashion and luxury management industry, then you may have heard of the names Boccia Delux. These two companies are at the heart of some of the most prominent and high-end fashion districts in the world, and they are also responsible for leading the way in terms of luxury development… Read More »

The Top Luxury Brand Names in the Fashion Industry

The Top Luxury Brand Names in the Fashion Industry Most of the well-known luxury fashion names are synonymous with high end and opulent clothing. That’s why when you buy an outfit, it is almost expected to be from one of the designer names. That doesn’t mean, however, that every item you see in a store… Read More »

Fashion Watches Vs Luxury Watches

When it comes to deciding between fashion watches vs luxury watches, there are many things that you should take into consideration. Both styles can be very nice and both of them can have their advantages. In order to decide which one you should purchase, you will first need to know what each of these items… Read More »

French Luxury Fashion Brands

French Luxury Fashion Brands French luxury fashion brands are the preferred wear of celebrities, business people and the elite class in their respective fields. The main reasons why French fashion remains a favorite and preferred choice among others is because it offers comfort, looks and elegance to every style conscious individual. Even if its price… Read More »

Italian Luxury Fashion Brands

Most of the Italian luxury items are designed and created by some of the best designers in the country. Each year they put out new designs that would make any woman feel like a million dollars. If you are looking to look your best in the latest styles of Italy’s fashion then you need to… Read More »

Fashion Marketing Strategies For Luxury Branding

Fashion Marketing is a personal passion. People who understand fashion need to be in fashion. Multi-brand retailers and clothing brands are present everyday. So, think about it a responsibility to write about it more. Firstly, enjoy fashion and luxury marketing for the speed, limitless reach and boundaryless room for imagination. In this modern world where… Read More »

Luxury Behind the Mirror of High End Fashion

Luxury Behind the Mirror of High End Fashion It is no surprise that the luxury of Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories are sought after by many people. Luxury fashion designers have always prioritized style and quality when they were designing their products. For those who are fashion conscious, nothing comes close to what they create.… Read More »