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How to Build a Luxury Fashion Brand

How to build a luxury fashion brand starts with understanding the consumer psyche. They don’t buy the same thing twice, they want something that is different and fresh. It is hard to find a trend that has not been explored yet. As the designer and/or brand owner, you need to understand what the trends are… Read More »

Insights Into the Fashion and Luxury Industry

Insights Into the Fashion and Luxury Industry Fashion and Luxury Business provide you industry-trained management courses and specific specialized training in fashion and creative experience management, field work, and innovative seminars for managers. In the end, you will: be qualified to develop project proposals and able to show initiative in developing creative ideas when responding… Read More »

Jewelerhan – Luxury Fashion for All

If you want to feel good and look great this summer, you should definitely consider the new line of clothing from the brand Jewelerhan Bajan. Since 2005, Jewelerhan Bajan has built a reputation for creating excellent jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories. The company is owned by the Kanjeevaram Group of Companies, which means they are… Read More »

Canadian Luxury Fashion Brands

Canadian luxury fashion brands are some of the most in-demand fashion labels in the world. Many famous fashion designers got their start by founding a line of clothing and handbags. Today, these fashion labels continue to expand into clothing, accessories and even fragrances. Here are some of the top luxury fashion brands from Canada. “TD… Read More »

A Career Path With Fashion Retail and Luxury Management

A Career Path With Fashion Retail and Luxury Management Fashion Retail and Luxury Management programs at the undergraduate level to teach students how to manage brands and retail outlets. Students learn how to design lines, choose and develop themes, set budgets, and evaluate the financial performance of their business venture. They also study the many… Read More »