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What Is the Hottest and Most Inexpensive Luxury Fashion?

In the last six months, sales of luxury fashion brands like Diesel, D&G and Prada have increased by double digits. The overall economy in the United States has also improved, giving many families more disposable income. Consequently, the demand for expensive garments like the brands has grown. One of the fastest growing segments in the… Read More »

Which Will Be the Top Clothing Brands in 2020?

Balmain, a city in Queensland’s South-east Queensland, is home to one of Australia’s largest luxury fashion clothing brands, Balmain Jeans. Established in 1992, Balmain Jeans is led by Managing Director, John Joseph Pilates and is known for its cutting-edge design and luxury fabrics. In fact, the brand was named after Pilates’ birthplace and has grown… Read More »

How to Succeed in a Post-Pandemic Fashion Business

India is among the biggest hubs for fashion wherein global consumers always look for buying luxury fashion which builds up their fashion appeal and launching a luxury fashion business, you too can be a success at very little time. More people are getting conscious about their outer appearance and spending money on exclusive clothes. Today’s… Read More »

Sustainable Fashion, Image Credit, and Ethical Business Practices

Have you ever considered the luxury fashions and sustainability? If so, then now might be a good time to start. Fashion these days is all about versatility and being comfortable. But that can easily translate into environmental degradation. The clothing industry is one that constantly uses precious resources while creating and re-selling consumer goods. Let’s… Read More »

What Makes Up a Luxury Fashion Jewelry Brand?

Luxury fashion jewelry brands are fast rising in the Indian market. The reason for this sudden surge in popularity is, quite simply, that Indian women want to look different from what they are used to wearing before. Indian women were traditionally accustomed to wearing only plain or simple colored jewelry. Now, with an interest in… Read More »

An Insight Into the Complexity of Fashion Brand Management

Fashion houses are constantly in the process of conceptualizing, reinventing and recreating latest trends in the fashion world. There is no dearth of new fashion trends or styles in the market that keep the fashion quotients of fashion enthusiasts and fanatics hopping from one shop to another. Every time we get a glimpse of a… Read More »

Lucrative E-Commerce Jobs With Luxury Fashion Models

Lucrative E-Commerce Jobs With Luxury Fashion Models Luxury fashion model is a great opportunity for those who are looking to make an impact on the world of fashion. However, many people do not think that it is a reality. This is because they do not have the kind of money that is required in order… Read More »